Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Shoaib Ibrahim Lashes Out At Trolls For Picking On Wife Dipika Kakar

New Delhi: Popular television star Dipika Kakkar was recently subjected to vicious online trolling after it was claimed that she became irritated with a man who attempted to help her after she tripped. The Bigg Boss 12 winner faced criticism for urging the man to stay away from her when he offered to spare her from falling.

Shoaib Irabhim posted a video in which he voiced his concern over the fact that his wife, the actor Dipika, has recently been the subject of trolls.

In one of Shoaib’s vlogs, he posted some behind-the-scenes footage from his show ‘Ajooni’, and both of them could be seen together. In the video, Shoaib discussed the media incident involving his wife Dipika, who was ridiculed for being impolite to a bystander who attempted to assist her after she nearly collapsed.

The actor implied that the content in the video regarding the man was only partially accurate, even if he did not go into specifics about what happened that evening. They are the only ones who know what happened, he claimed, adding that everything Dipika did was correct.

“We don’t understand whatever news or trolls the media do to us. Why should we necessarily react to it if we don’t think it is needed?” he said. 

“Humein kisi ko prove nahi karna hai, especially un logo ko jo judgemental ho rahe hai. Attitudee aagaya hai? Haan, aagaya hai. Hume aapko kuch prove nahi karna. Humein upar wale ko bas prove karna hai ( We don’t need to prove anything to anyone, especially to judgemental people. We have an attitude? Yes we do. We don’t need to prove anything to you. We only need to prove God),” Shoaib further added.

For the uninitiated, Dipika Kakar went to an awards ceremony on November 24, 2022. When a fan attempted to save her, Dipika paused and gave him a stern look instead. People on social media were perplexed by the way she treated the man.

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